Professional Services


Fraud, corruption, code of conduct, ethical problems and intellectual property issues are damaging to your business unless properly and professionally managed. At KBC, we are positioned to help, providing the following services throughout the Asia Pacific region:


Fraud Corruption and Business Investigation Services

Asset Search Investigations

General Fraud and Corruption Investigations

Insurance Investigations

IT Security Audits

Computer Crime Investigations

Forensic Data analysis and recovery


Corporate Intelligence and Business Support Services

Business Intelligence Investigations

IPO’s – Background Due Diligence

Investigative Due Diligence

FCPA Investigations

Strategic Management of Business Crises

Litigation Support


Intellectual Property Investigations

Grey Market & Parallel Trading Investigations

Intellectual Property Investigations and Programme Management

Market Surveys

License Dispute Investigations


Employee Integrity Support

Employee Fraud and Corruption Investigations

Extortion Demands

Employee Exit Risk Management and Control

Pre-Employment Screening

Sexual Harassment Inquiries

Conflict of Interest Investigations


Supply Chain Integrity Analysis and Investigation

Distributor and Procurement Fraud and Corruption Investigations

Vendor & Distributor Screening


KBC is a security and environmental solutions provider in the following areas:

Security Audits


Technical Counter-measures

Threat Assessments

Political Risk Assessments

Emergency Evacuation Programmes

Environmental Audits




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